QlikView Mashups - Simple Object Integration (singleobject.htm)


Integrating single QlikView objects by using an IFRAME and singleobject.htm works very similar as the opendoc.htm integration.

The main difference between these two approaches is that
  • opendoc.htm refrences an entire QlikView application (including all sheets, toolbar, and so on).
  • singleobject.htm references only a single object

On the other hand singleobject.htm integration and DIV integration is very similar:
  • Both approaches bring a single object into your existing web application
  • For a full comparison of these two approaches please visit this site


Use the following parameters to define the behaviour how a QlikView object should be integrated into your website:

QueryString Parameter Explanation Example
document Specify the path to the document on server document=Sales%20Compass.qvw
object Specify the Id of the QlikView object object=LB1022
bookmark Specify the bookmark which should be called (using the ID of the bookmark) bookmark=Document\BM01
select Specify any selection using field names and values
(Have a look at the examples below)
ticket 40 hex string that was returned by the Ticket webservice
host Host IP of the QlikView Server (optional if running on localhost) host=local

Parameter Examples

Action Example
Single selection (Germany) in listbox with ID = LB01 select=LB01,Germany
Multiple selection in one list box select=LB01,Germany,USA
Multiple selection in multiple list boxes select=LB01,Germany,Argentina&select=LB02,AnotherDimension
Specify if it's a server or document object (document is default) select=Document\LB01,Germany,USA
Select a bookmark bookmark=Document\BM01


The examples below make use of the demo application "What's new in QlikView11" which can be downloaded and viewed at

Simple integration of an object

Calls an object "Sales Trends" from the document "What's New in QlikView11" (with the object Id CH05)

                    <iframe src="http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/singleobject.htm?document=Whats%20New%20in%20QlikView11.qvw&object=CH05" />

Preselecting values

The two examples below load the same chart ("Customer Sales by Region") from the "What's New in QlikView11" application but with different selections.

                    <iframe src="http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/singleobject.htm?document=Whats%20New%20in%20QlikView11.qvw&object=CH38&select=LB01,NORDIC,GERMANY" />

Calling a bookmark and several selections

The example below loads a straight table ("Report") from the "What's New in QlikView11" application by calling a bookmark ("Customer Report") but with different selections.

  • Selection 2010 in field Year (list box with the Id LB02)
  • Selection Q1 in field Quarter (list box with the Id LB03)
  • Selection of the region "GERMANY"

                    <iframe src="http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/singleobject.htm?document=Whats%20New%20in%20QlikView11.qvw&bookmark=Document\BM01&object=CH08&select=LB01,GERMANY&select=LB02,2010&select=LB03=Q1" />

  • Selection 2010 in field Year (list box with the Id LB02)
  • Selection Q1 in field Quarter (list box with the Id LB03)
  • Selection of the region "SPAIN"

                    <iframe src="http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/singleobject.htm?document=Whats%20New%20in%20QlikView11.qvw&bookmark=Document\BM01&object=CH08&select=LB01,SPAIN&select=LB02,2010&select=LB03=Q1" />