Mashups with QlikView

Sample of a QlikView Mashup

The intention of this little collection of Html-Microsites is to demonstrate the capabilities of realizing Mashups using QlikView documents/objects.

How to use these Examples:

All the examples on this site rely on two demo applications on In case that the URLs or demo applications change you can still use the examples using these microsites offline on your computer. In that case please have a look at the instruction how to setup the examples for offline use.

Three Different Ways to Realize Mashups

From the technical perspective there are three completely different approaches how one could implement Mashups based on QlikView documents/objects. This Mashup-microsite tries to cover all of these three approaches. Finally I have added a comparison of these approaches which could be a starting point if you are not sure which approach meets your requirements best.

  1. Simple document integration (using opendoc.htm)
  2. Simple object integration (using singleobject.htm)
  3. Div integration (using the Ajax Javascript library)


Further Information: